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What is International Save the Vaquita Day?

International Save the Vaquita Day is intended to be an annual event similar to Earth Day, but with a specific focus on raising awareness and appreciation of the world’s most endangered marine mammal, the vaquita (Phocoena sinus). Events around the globe direct the attention of people to the plight of this tiny porpoise species, and what needs to be done to save it from extinction. There are booths, games, music, free prizes, educational brochures, inspirational talks, face painting, and several life-size models of vaquitas on hand to draw attention to and appreciation of the vaquita, Mexico’s “Panda of the Sea”.

What is the goal?

The primary goal is to make as many people as possible aware of the vaquita and its plight, and spur them to act.  The species is nearly extinct, with only about 10-12 individuals left.  We will have a simple message for folks about what they can do to help.  Secondary goals are to gather signatures for our petitions to the Mexican government, and also to raise additional funds for future educational and research work on the vaquita.  The event is designed to be fun, as well as educational, and kid-friendly!

What will happen this year?

Due to COVID-19 concerns and restrictions, ISTV Day 2020, 2021 and 2022 were virtual events, with an all-day live-streaming of various content. No in-person events were held. As in the past, the primary goal was to make as many people as possible aware of the vaquita and its plight, and to get them to act to help. This year’s event will also be a virtual one, with some in-person events. The 2023 agenda is shown below – please check back frequently for updates, as the plan evolves.

How to get involved:

Join an Event

If you would like to volunteer your time at an event near you, please contact us and let us know which venue, so we can get you in contact with the local coordinator.

Submit a Video Clip

Throughout 2022-23 we will be presenting a series of short (1-2 min) video clips from researchers, conservationists and students of all ages explaining why they think the vaquita needs to be saved from extinction (see example below from Jane Goodall).

Please keep your Save The Vaquita clips under 2 minutes. For further instructions of how to submit your videos click below.

Donate to Support ISTVD

If you would like to help support our activities by a financial donation, please click this button. We accept donations via PayPal through our fiscal sponsor, CETOS Research Organization.

International Save the Vaquita Day

Saturday, 12 August 2023

Virtual Programming Schedule (times are approximate)

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