On November 3rd, Americans will vote in the most important election of our lifetimes. Among the many important issues being decided is the election of the president and vice president, as well as many Congress members. The last four years of the Trump Administration and the Republican-led Senate have been an unmitigated disaster for the vaquita and for the environment in general. From climate change to wildlife conservation, this administration has been actively and aggressively antagonistic to environmental issues.

The vaquita population has moved ever closer to extinction, as opportunities for a constructive dialogue and cooperation with Mexico and China have dissolved with the Trump Administration’s catastrophic policies and lack of diplomacy. The Trump Administration has also been fighting attempts to use the Marine Mammal Protection Act to leverage Mexico to do more to save the vaquita.

Every single eligible voter in the United States must stand up and have their vote be counted in this critical election. A resounding blue wave and removal of Donald Trump from the White House will at least allow this country to begin the long process of healing the wounds that have been created. Whether or not it’s enough to save the vaquita, it is critically important that all Americans make our voices heard, loud and clear!

Vote on November 3rd (or before, if possible), and support candidates who will put environmental issues, like the vaquita, among their highest priorities.